The Story of the Sideline Dissident.

Bradley Whitaker founded the Sideline Dissident to provide unique and critical sports commentary, free from the influences of corporate interests and trite observations. On the Sideline Dissident: you’ll find fearless criticism of League Commissioners; you’ll never hear clichés like “giving 110%”; and we’ll push such revolutionary concepts as “the open man should take the shot . . . not the overpaid superstar with three men on him.”

Whitaker was born in the small hamlet of Wiscasset, Maine . . . a town known for its traffic jams and lobster rolls. In the Whitaker household life revolved around the Red Sox, Celtics and Patriots with the Bloody Sock and the Tuck Rule games representing iconic moments in his childhood.

Whitaker is a graduate of Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut and is currently working on a MBA at Louisiana State University. Before starting the Sideline Dissident, Whitaker was writer and editor for The Fumble.